Getting sporty for sports relief

Great to see so many children who came to Nursery dressed in the sports clothes today.   We have  had a great time outside playing team games and enjoyed a sports maths session.  We were counting our star jumps, running and kicking and the counted and drew the correct number of footballs, basket balls and rugby balls.

Can you count your actions at home.


PC Pete visits Nursery

Today we were excited to see PC Pete and his friends visit Nursery.  They share with us how they keep us safe and use finger prints to find out who has committed a crime (been naughty).  We found out what he uses his radio for (to call the helicopter, or dogs, or an ambulance or the fire brigade.  We also looked at some of his equipment.

Remember to Say hello to them when you see them in the street they are there to help us.



Fire Fighters to the Rescue!!

Nursery PM have had a fantastic afternoon getting to meet real fire men who came to nursery and showed us some of their equipment and even dressed Miss Skeffington and a child up in their special clothes!

Next  the children all went outside where there was a big fire engine waiting for them. Nursery were really excited to take a look inside the fire engine and found lots of the special equipment. Some children were even brave enough to climb inside and sit at the front in the drivers seat.

The children then all got to use the long water hose and sprained water high in to the sky and down low and also tired to squirt water over their friends!

What a brilliant experience for the children and one they will definitely remember!

Holbrook fire fighters to the rescue.

We have had a very exciting morning with the Fire fighters visiting Nursery.  We have found out all about their uniform and how it protects them and keeps them safe.  We have been on their fire engine and looked at all the equipment and all had a go using the hose.

We have talked about keeping safe if we see a fire and telling an adult who will phone 999 and about leaving the building when sensibly if we hear the fire alarm in school.

Enjoy looking at the photos and talking about them at home.

World book week

We’ve had a fantastic morning dressed up as our favourite book characters.  Who can you spot and where is Wally

Can you spot My little princess and her Mum the Queen and Dad the King?  They are trying to get the princess to hospital.

Enjoy reading at home.  Make it part of your bedtime routine.